Faculty Profile - David Johns

David Johns

David Johns


Electrical,Piping,Wood Trades

Journeyman Electrician, Alberta

Provincial Instructor Diploma, Adult Education, Vancouver Community College 2010

Subjects: Electrician Fnd Harmonized, Electricity Apprenticeship, Electrician Appren Harmonized

David Johns joined NIC’s faculty in 2018 to teach its popular Electrical Foundation and Electrical Apprenticeship programs.

David is an Alberta Master and British Columbia FSR Class A, Red Seal electrician, who joined NIC from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).  David has taught in the electrical apprenticeship field for overa decade in Alberta and BC.

“I enjoy the interaction with students,” says David. “I like to bring in demonstrations to show the applications of principles and theoretical concepts and being able to fully describe some of the funny, unique situations on the electrical side that students might not get from a textbook.”

One of the exciting things about the trade is the variety of jobs that are available for qualified electricians, notes David.

“Everything is becoming more electrified in every sector, so there’s great growth opportunities out there,” he says. “There’s also all the new technology that’s coming into play – things like solar and renewable energy resources. It’s a varied sector.”

Journeyman Electrician, Alberta

Provincial Instructor Diploma, Adult Education, Vancouver Community College 2010

Red Seal Electrician, AB, 2008

Master Electrician, AB, 2009

Safety Codes Officer Group A, AB, 2010

Field Safety Representative Class A, BC, 2019



EFH-100 Electrician Common Core - Level 1ýHarmonized

EFH-101 Safety, Basic Trade Tools, Fasteners AndýFittings

EFH-102 Electrical Codes, Plans & Specifications

EFH-103 Applied Mathematics and Sciencesýfor the Electrical Trade

EFH-104 Applied Wiring Methods

EFH-105 Workplace And Employment Skills

ELA-300 Electrical Apprenticeship Level III

ELA-400 Electrical Apprenticeship Level IV

ELH-100 Electrician Apprenticeship Common Core -ýLevel 1 Harmonized

ELH-201 Electrician Apprenticeship Harmonized -ý Gap Training A

ELH-300 Electrician Apprenticeship Common CoreýLevel 3 Harmonized

ELH-301 Electrician Apprenticeship Harmonized -ýGap Training B

ELH-400 Electrician Apprenticeship Common CoreýLevel 4 Harmonized

ELH-401 Electrician Apprenticeship Harmonized -ýGap Training C

  • Electrical Apprenticeship Blended Learning pilot, SAIT, 2011

    Development of online digital resources for electrical apprenticeship students.  This was the first project involving the development and deployment of simulations, videos, and  interactive tutorials for electrical students.



  • Electrical Technician pilot program, SAIT, 2012

    Development & design of a specially funded program providing Level 1 & 2 apprenticeship training with hands-on residential, commericial and industrial electrical shop projects.  Program was designed as a 6 month pre-apprenticeship.

  • Electrical Apprenticeship Program Peer Recognition award, SAIT, 2014

    Selected by peers within the electrical department for initiatives taken, resources developed, and assitance provided.

  • Solar PV installation & design course, SAIT, 2018

    Development of two Solar PV courses along with instructor co-worker.  Electrician focused courses covering prospective site solar harvest evaluation, equipment selection and sizing, installation requirements and permiting 

  • Electrical Apprenticeship lab development, NIC, 2019

    Complete lab design and development for the Electrical Apprenticeship Program at North Island College.  All labs from Level 1 through to Level 4 required creation due to changing provincial curriculum and updated electrical equipment.

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