Faculty Profile - Yiling Chow

Yiling Chow

Yiling Chow


Humanities & Social Sciences

MA, Educational Psychology (University of British Columbia)

Subjects: Psychology

Yiling Chow lived in Montreal for a number of years where she completed her undergraduate program at McGill University and later moved to the West Coast and completed her MA at UBC. Yiling has extensive background in education policies and worked on the Vancouver School Board for many years before moving to Vancouver Island. She has been teaching at NIC since 1999 and enjoys the stimulating and meaningful engagement with her students in class. One of her areas of major interest is on cognitive perception and aging across cultures. Yiling loves to travel and has visited over 75 countries and territories in six continents so far. It is her goal to visit at least 100 countries in her lifetime and incorporate volunteer work while visiting each country.

MA, Educational Psychology (University of British Columbia)

BA, Psychology (McGill University, 1985)

PSY-130 Introductory Psychology I

PSY-131 Introductory Psychology II

PSY-202 Health Psychology

PSY-218 Intro to Data Analysis in Psychology

PSY-235 Abnormal Psychology

PSY-250 Human Development From Conception Through Childhood

PSY-251 Human Development From Adolescence Through Adulthood

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