NIC @ Home Student Newsletter June 1

In this week's newsletter: get your submission in to NIC's Got Talent, celebrate National #AccessAbility Week and learn about the Vancouver Island Leadership Conference - held online and free for students. 

Hello NIC students!

I hope you are enjoying this “new normal” and adjusting well with going outdoors while taking physical distancing measures. I am pleased to present your weekly Student Life update.

If there is information you'd like to see included in upcoming communications, or would like to share, please let us know at

Student Life Home

A reminder that NIC's Office of Global Engagement has weekly challenges. Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Office of Student Life has started a **Brand New** Facebook Group called “NIC Student Life” to stay connected with NIC students. We encourage you to join the group to stay updated, connected and share your views on your needs. Go to NIC Facebook page and click on “Groups”.

NIC’s Got Talent is being presented to you by the North Island Students’ Union. Interested in showcasing your talent? Visit Facebook for details! Deadline to send in your videos is June 5.

Do you enjoy watching documentaries and look out for some good recommendations? Here is a list of 14 documentaries recommended by CBC:

Have you done any research, work, presentation that would be beneficial for other NIC students and would like us to share? Let us know by sending an email to

From May 31 to June 6, we’re highlighting National #AccessAbility Week, a week dedicated to inclusion and accessibility in Canada. Let’s work together for a more #AccessibleCanada! #TogetherApart

Watch this video from NIC’s Roslyn Gaetz to learn more about Accessible Learning Services.

Share with us, how you are taking care of yourself at home. Share on social media and tag NIC on Facebook and Instagram OR send us an email at and we will share on your behalf.
#IamNIC #NICatHome

Vancouver Island Leadership Conference

Interested in building your leadership skills? We invite you to attend the Vancouver Island Leadership Conference, which will take place in a virtual format from June 1-25...and best of all, it is FREE. All NIC students are welcome. Attend whichever sessions that interest you. 

Self-Care Tips

Avoid Negative Thinking: If you want to feel positive, it pays to decrease the downers in your life. With practice, you can resist worrisome thoughts and perhaps even transform your internal critic into more of a cheering squad.

  • Avoid dwelling on downers. Focusing on negatives isn't just unpleasant, it also can make you less effective in tackling tasks you face. In a study of test-takers, those who fixated on worrisome thoughts performed worse than those who were distracted from their worries. To stifle your obsessing:
    • Ask yourself if the issue is really worth your energy. Will this issue matter in a year, for example?
    • Tell yourself you'll worry about it at a specific time later. Chances are you'll feel better by the appointed time.
    • Instead of just spinning your worry wheels, try a concrete problem-solving exercise.
    • Distract yourself: Go to a movie, pump up some music, find something fun to do.
  • Change unhealthy self-talk. 
  • Ask yourself if your negative thought is true.
  • Remember any achievements that disprove your insecurity.
  • Imagine what you would tell a friend if he was worrying in ways that you are.
  • Beware of all-or-nothing thinking.
  • Consider alternative explanations. 

For more information on health and wellness, visit

Healthy Eating - scroll down for another delicious (and cheap!) recipe. Send your own healthy and cheap recipes to

Supports and Services

If you need any support through this time, please reach out to us. You can find information on NIC's counselling services, along with links to community supports, including 24hr crisis lines, on NIC's Counselling page.

Student Employment Services Student Employment supports are available everyday Mon-Fri by telephone or video conferencing and can be booked online via CareerCentral.

Enjoy your week and stay well,

Dean Martin
Manager, Student Life

If you wish to respond or have any questions, please click here.

Healthy Eating

5-ingredient Coconut Curry

Serving: 3-4

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 10 minutes


  1. 1 can coconut milk
  2. 2 tablespoons red curry paste
  3. 2 small heads broccoli (and/or other veggies of choice)
  4. 1 can chickpeas, rinsed and drained
  5. 1/2 tablespoon cornstarch dissolved in 2 tablespoons cold water

(optional: minced garlic or onion)


  1. Saute broccoli (and onion/garlic if you’re using it) in a tablespoon of oil. After a few minutes, add the coconut milk and let simmer for 5-8 minutes. The broccoli should soften but still be tender-crisp.
  2. Add the curry paste to the pan and whisk it until it combines with the coconut milk. Add the chickpeas.
  3. Bring to a slight boil and add the cornstarch. Boil for about a minute, then reduce heat and let cool slightly. Sauce will thicken as the mixture cools.

More at: PinchOfYum