NIC @ Home Student Newsletter - March 30

Hello NIC students!

First - thank-you all for your patience, kindness and adaptability as we continue to transition to alternate ways of delivering education during these challenging times. 

As always, helping you complete your academic goals remains our focus. We know how disruptive the last few weeks have been for you and we are grateful for your flexibility.

We are also extremely proud of the NIC College community you have built and are keen to stay connected. Beginning this week, we'll be sending out weekly updates to let you know about supports and things going on in the NIC community to help you. These will include: virtual student services, mental health tips and ways for all of us to stay virtually connected to each other.

If there is information you'd like to see included, or would like to share, please let us know at

Student Life Home
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Self-Care Tips
We know many of you have had to adjust to finishing your course work from home. Here are some tips to help with that transition and to make sure you're successful in your new environment:

  • Find a dedicated work space where you can have quiet and focus - even if it's a table in the corner of your bedroom - somewhere you can sit and focus.
  • Set regular hours. This is important both so you get your work done, but also to ensure you're taking breaks.
  • Stay active. If you can get outside for a walk, go! Even just 10 minutes can be enough to recharge your batteries. If you're in self-isolation (or if it's raining), check out YouTube for short, at home workouts you can do to get your heart rate up and keep moving while you're at home.
  • Socialize. Reach out to friends, coworkers, fellow students through whatever means you like to communicate: Facebook, FaceTime, Zoom, BlueJeans, Skype are all great ways to connect. Make a short video on Loom and send to a friend to let them know you're thinking about them.
  • Do a daily check-in with yourself. Are you feeling tired, lonely, stressed, annoyed? Is it worse or better than yesterday? Reach out for help if you need someone to talk to.

NIC Student Services
We're here to help! NIC support staff are available to you for any questions, concerns or help you might need.

Need something different? NIC's Counselling page has a full list of resources, including those available 24/7.

Dean Martin
Manager, Student Life

If you wish to respond or have any questions, please click here.