NIC Building Service Worker program prepares students for custodial careers

Four-week Employment Skills Access program held in Port Alberni

NIC’s Building Service Worker program is running in Port Alberni in January. This four-week Employment Skills Access program prepares students to work in the custodial industry.

For NIC grad Kayne Osland, the Building Service Worker program was the first step to a new career path in the custodial industry.

“It seemed like it would be a good entry-level course that would lead to a job, and that’s exactly what happened for me,” said Osland. “I ended up being hired by the company that I did my practicum with, so I had a job right out of the program.”

The four-week program is being run in Port Alberni, starting January 15.

This Employment Skills Access (ESA) program covers foundation skills training and certifications such as Occupational First Aid and WHMIS. All tuition and books are included for those who meet the ESA criteria. To be eligible, students must be unemployed or underemployed and not collecting Employment Insurance.

“There was a lot of really good information in the course,” said Osland. “Not just about how to clean, but also about the responsibility that a custodian has to the company they work for, the buildings they clean and the employees of those buildings.”

Along with the skills training and certifications, the program also provides a practicum, so students get on-the-job experience with a local employer.

The flexibility of the work is something Osland found he enjoyed. “You control how your day goes, what you do and in what order you do it,” he said. “There’s a real sense of satisfaction in taking something dirty and making it clean – you can see the evidence of your work.”

The training is a good foot in the door, said Osland. “There’s a lot of work out there,” he noted. “It’s a good way to get back into the workforce with a direct line to a potential job.”

It can also be a good stepping stone for someone looking to go further. “For someone with motivation it would be easy to start up a business and build from there.”

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