Should I Use a Resume Template?

Resume templates look great when you see the layout before they’re filled in. You might think, “Using a template is easy and my resume will look fantastic if I use this template!”. The downside is: Templates aren’t very flexible. What happens almost every time, is that you will struggle to fit everything you want into a template, and it often ends up taking more than time than if you hadn’t used a template at all.

Our recommendation is to start creating your resume on a blank Microsoft Word document. Focus on getting all the relevant information into the document first, and then format your resume at the end to make it look visually appealing. Microsoft Word is very capable in creating an attracting resume.

If you see a template that you like, don’t use the template, but instead integrate pieces of it into your resume [that you started as a blank Word document]. This can include the colour(s) used, the font, and creating a similar layout. We guarantee that this is easier than struggling to fit your information into pre-determined template sections.

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