Operations Team

The Operations Team (OT) is a cross-divisional decision-making body that furthers the progress of college-wide services to staff, faculty and learners. It provides leadership, direction and strategic advice to identify operational needs, opportunities and future directions through the President and Leadership Team.

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Operations Team Members

Colin Fowler
Colin Fowler, Vice President, Finance & College Services
Budget Analyst: Jane Burch, jane.burch@nic.bc.ca
Tony Bellavia
Tony Bellavia, Vice President, Academic
Administrative Assistant: Laura Needham, laura.needham@nic.bc.ca
Kathleen Kuhnert
Kathleen Kuhnert, Vice President, Students & Community Engagement
Administrative Assistant: Cindy Greenhill, cindy.greenhill@nic.bc.ca
Ken Crewe
Ken Crewe, Associate Vice President, People, Equity & Inclusion
Administrative Assistant: Alena Barner, alena.barner@nic.bc.ca
Casey Black
Casey Black, CIO & ED, Education Technologies & Data Management, Information Technology
Bryan Yells, Manager, Facilities Operations
Sue Fleck, Director, Finance