Strategic Plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all areas of North Island College, dramatically changing the College’s operating environment, including the development of College Plan2025.

To allow the College time to manage the pandemic's impact and the College's return to sustainable growth, for the Fall of 2020, College Plan2025 will be considered a working draft based on Plan2025 (dated May 28, 2020). The Board of Governors will consider final approval of Plan2025 in early 2021.

While College Plan2025’s Mission, Vision, Commitments and Priorities will likely be unaffected by COVID-19, it may be difficult to invest significantly in its goals, until the fiscal pressures caused by lower enrolments, increased costs and decreased revenues are addressed.

College Plan2025 Working Draft

In the meantime, the College wants to thank all those who worked on the College Plan2025 Working Draft.  The extensive process saw more than 1,500 people shape the first draft of the College Plan20-25, published in January 2020. These included:

  • review and analysis of Plan2020 progress and goals, highlighting significant progress and gaps;
  • identification of a comprehensive set of College Values in discussion with employees;
  • completion of a new Environmental Scan, created in October 2019, determining key factors and trends affecting the College;
  • input from students, employees and the public through a Strategic Planning Survey;
  • commitment of more than 50 College Plan 20-25 Committee (and four Subcommittee) members
  • visioning and strategic dialogue from the Board of Governors (October, 2019); and
  • engagement with community leaders and partners through face-to-face Regional Forums (November, 2019).

In addition, employees, students and community members were invited to provide feedback on the January 2020 draft through an online survey. The first draft was discussed by the College Plan Committee and Subcommittees, at Campus Town Hall Meetings, by the Indigenous Education Council, the Education Council and Senior Education Team throughout January, February and March, 2020.

The feedback was included in a May 5, 2020 draft, which was then reviewed by the NIC Foundation Board of Directors, Comox Valley ElderCollege and the College Plan2025 Committee on May 13, 2020. 

College Plan2025 Working Draft Components

The College Plan2025 Working Draft includes the College’s Mandate, Mission and Vision and a comprehensive set of values-based Commitments; four broad Strategic Priorities and 20 college-wide goals. It will also include information on assessment and reporting, as well as updated strengths, opportunities and challenges.

Bringing the Working Draft to Life

The College Plan2025 Working Draft is a living document that will be brought to life by the many departments, divisions and people at NIC. 

As a working document developed by the college community, departments across the College will continue to work toward the Plan’s goals, as part of their annual planning processes. A new Performance and Priorities Alignment Template (PPAT), to be accessible on the myNIC portal, will provide the tools for departments to set objectives and document their achievements under each of the Plan’s Priorities and Goals. The actions will be collected annually as part of College’s reporting processes.

More details will be available in the coming months.

Next Steps

The College Plan2025 Working Draft will be reviewed and considered for final approval in the new year, likely January 2021.