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Faculty Profile

Frank Lu

Frank Lu


Business Administration, Computer Science Technology, Fine Arts, Mathematics-Science

MSc (Business Admin) in Management Info Systems (UBC, 1992)

Subjects: Business, Info Tech & Comp Science, Interactive Media, Mathematics
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5046 | Location TYE - 121


MSc (Business Admin) in Management Info Systems (UBC, 1992)

Courses Taught

BUS-170 Computer Applications for Business

BUS-290 Management Information Systems

CPS-100 Computer Programming I

CPS-101 Computer Programming II

CPS-146 Database Fundamentals

IMG-110 HTML and CSS

IMG-111 Introduction to JavaScript

IMG-120 Web Animation

IMG-130 Project Management

IMG-214 iOS Application Development

IMG-250 Applied JavaScript

IMG-260 E-Commerce

MAT-115 Introduction to Statistics

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