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Education Council

Established by the College and Institute Act, Education Council’s role is to ensure educational quality at North Island College. Education Council has two main functions in this regard:

  1. To review and approve curriculum and policies that relate to academic standing, academic standards and evaluation of student performance; and
  2. To advise the Board of Governors on the development of educational policy (e.g. related to the implementation and/or cancellation of courses and programs, evaluation of programs and educational services, terms of affiliation with other post-secondary bodies, qualifications for admission policies, and criteria for awarding certificates, diplomas and degrees).

Education Council Members

  • Dennis Lightfoot Chair
    Faculty, Mathematics & Science
  • Alexia deGroot
    Student Representative
  • Kathleen Haggith
    Dean, Health & Human Services
  • RaeAnn Hartman
    Faculty, Nursing
  • Kathleen Kuhnert
    Director, Student Services & Registrar
  • Brooke McIntosh
    Education/Financial Aid Officer
  • Lou-ann Neel
    Director, Aboriginal Education
  • (Sean) Mac Newton
    Faculty, Adult Basic Education
  • Ben O'Connor
    Student Representative
  • Amy Rowes
    Faculty, Arts & Science/Business & Applied Studies
  • Kara Foreman
    Recording Secretary
  • Tony Bellavia
    Assistant Vice President, Access & Regions
  • Marie Ducharme
    Faculty, Coordinator, Assessment Services
  • Brad Harsell Vice Chair
    Faculty, Trades & Technology
  • Caitlin Hartnett
    Faculty, English & Adult Basic Education
  • Judith Marriott
    Faculty, Business
  • Bill Morrison
    Faculty, College Centre
  • Jerry Mundi
    Student Representative
  • Gillian Northwood
    Support Staff, Evaluations/Student Records Assistant
  • Haley Sullivan
    Student Representative
  • John Bowman Ex-Officio
    President, NIC

Election Rules and Regulations