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Section 19 (5) of the College and Institute Act requires the Board to make bylaws establishing the following:

  1. (i) fees and charges to be paid to the institution by students;
  2. (ii) duties of members of the board or committees of the board in conflict of interest situations;
  3. (iii) powers, duties and benefits of the president as chief executive officer of the institution;
  4. (iv) reimbursement by the institution to members of its board for travelling and out of pocket expenses necessarily incurred by them in the discharge of their duties.
  1. Bylaw #1 - Orderly Conduct of the Affairs of the Board
  2. Bylaw #2 - Conflict of Interest
  3. Bylaw #3 - Powers, Duties & Benefits of the President
  4. Bylaw #4 - Domestic Tuition and Fee Bylaw
  5. Bylaw #5 - Reimbursement for Travel and Out-of-Pocket Expenses
  6. Bylaw #6 - International Tuition and Fee Bylaw

The bylaws are in pdf format; the largest document is 45k