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Board of Governors - Policies

The North Island College Board of Governors is a policy governance Board which makes policy level decisions to guide the organization. Policy Governance is a conceptual model, created by John Carver, meant to enable strategic leadership by governing boards. Written values and perspectives are called policies and occur in four categories:

  1. Ends policies, including the vision, mission, values and strategic directions, describe outcomes (what the organization is to accomplish);
  2. Board-Staff Relationship policies describe the delegation and accountability linkage through the President/CEO, including the method of delegation and accountability/due diligence framework;
  3. Executive Limitations policies define Board-prescribed limits or boundaries on how the staff will operate to accomplish organizational goals; and
  4. Governance Process policies clarify the board's own job and rules (how the board operates).

Accountability is achieved through informed, proactive policy setting, and monitoring to ensure compliance with policy. The principle of Board holism, or the Board as a whole, is fundamental to the policy governance model. The Board is viewed as a single organizational position and decision-making body.