Timetabling & Registration

After you’re accepted into a program, Timetabling and Registration are your next steps as an NIC student.

Student Planning is an essential component to this as it’s how you plan your courses and register as well as check your progress towards graduation. Working with an Educational Advisor is always recommended, as they can help you navigate to your program in the Student Planning tool.

Prepare for your advising appointment by making notes detailing questions you want to ask and things you want to discuss. Following your meeting, your advisor will update the notes in Student Planning with a summary of what was discussed. You can also add your questions in Student Planning as reminders to yourself of things to do or questions to ask at your next advisor session.

Highlighted below are some of the main features of Student Planning, as well as tip sheets that you can download for reference. Remember, Student Planning will work better on a computer than on a phone.

Tip Sheets

Download the Student Planner Tip Sheets for help with your timetabling:

Create a Study Plan

Plan the courses you’ll take as part of your credential. With Student Planning you can do course searches to find the required and elective courses you’re interested in. You can add courses to your schedule for the upcoming term or plan to take them in the future. You can view your schedule in various convenient ways, such as weekly schedule and a timeline with multiple terms, to help with your planning.

Remember, planning a course is not the same as planning a section. The section will have the schedule attached and is how you register for courses. Registration opens in May or June for the coming academic year.

Build Your Timetable and Register

Student Planning streamlines the timetabling and registration process. You can search for courses, create a schedule and register. Warning messages will pop up if there’s a scheduling conflict, making it easy to make sure all your classes fit in your timetable. Registration is easy with a single click to register in all courses or select each course individually to register one at a time.

Some students in limited entry programs are registered in courses by NIC. If you have any questions or aren’t sure what kind of program you’re in, please contact us: 1-800-715-0914.

Track your progress

Student Planning allows you to track your academic progress over multiple terms and years, which allows you to plan into the future and adapt your study plan as you progress through your program. On track and on time indicators help you stay on track toward your goal, while ‘what-if’ analyses let you see how the courses you’ve already taken would apply to different programs or credentials.

Note that your cumulative GPA is noted under the progress tab. This is your GPA for all your courses at NIC, not just your current term. For your GPA for a particular term, please view your unofficial transcript (also in Student Planning).