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To be considered for admission to North Island College:
  • An applicant must have graduated from secondary school, or equivalent, or be a minimum of 18 years of age or older within the calendar year in which they are applying to study and must also meet the program admission requirements. The Office of the Registrar will provide an alternative application process for students who are both under the age of 18 and not a secondary school graduate within the calendar year in which they are applying to study.
  • A Canadian citizen or provide the following documentation, as applicable, as part of their application:
    • Proof of permanent resident status
    • Proof of convention refugee status
    • Proof of permission to study in Canada as an international student
Refer to Admission Policy 4-17.


North Island College accepts applications from international students. Read further details on Minimum English Requirements. For more information, visit the International Education section or email


NIC may admit applicants who are currently attending high school and wish to receive dual-credits for courses or programs. Interested high school students and parents should meet with a high school career coordinator/counsellor to discuss dual-credit program options and how they are delivered.


Underage applicants who are under 18 years of age may request special admission by contacting their local campus and requesting an appointment with a counsellor.


North Island College currently offers Dual Admission opportunities with the University of Victoria, Vancouver Island University and Royal Roads University. Applicants must meet both the university and program entrance requirements to be eligible. Admission forms and procedures are unique for each institution. Details are available under University Partnerships on the college website or by calling 1-800-715-0914.


Most NIC programs have admission requirements listed in the Programs section of the calendar. Applicants must satisfy these requirements before they are admitted to the program. To be considered an applicant, individuals must pay a nonrefundable application fee and complete a NIC application form that indicates their chosen program. NIC will inform applicants in writing regarding their progress in the application process. The process includes:
  1. Applications are reviewed for general and program admission requirements. Applicants may be:
    1. Qualified, or
    2. Conditionally Qualified [currently registered in the program prerequisite course(s)], or
    3. Not Qualified: when neither of a) or b) apply. NIC offers a full range of upgrading programs and courses for applicants who do not meet desired program admission requirements.
  2. 2. Qualified and conditionally qualified applicants invited to a program will be required to submit a non-refundable nontransferable tuition deposit. Depending on the program, this deposit may be required ahead of time or at the time of registration. NIC is unable to offer seats to all qualified applicants in high demand programs. If there is no space for most programs, qualified applicants will keep their qualification date and time and remain on program carry-over lists for the next intake.
Note: North Island College normally offers program seats to qualified applicants on a ‘first qualified, first invited’ basis, based on the date and time that the applicant meets all admission requirements. Exceptions may include programs with identified selective admissions criteria, or where there is identified priority admission for Aboriginal applicants or reserved seating agreements with community partners.


A prerequisite course is a course that must be taken before a student can take more advanced courses in the discipline. Course prerequisites ensure that applicants have the education and experience required for successful course completion. Prerequisites are noted on the Academic Course Search. Unless otherwise specified in the program section of the calendar, prerequisite courses require a letter grade of C or better.

The following are several ways to meet program admission requirements and course prerequisites:

High School & Post-Secondary Transcripts

Applicants must submit official transcripts and meet the minimum prerequisite standard as published in the program and course sections of the calendar. Official transcripts must bear the seal and/or signature of the institution or agency from which they were sent. Students coming to NIC directly from high school may ask the Ministry of Education to submit their final grades electronically. Students should consult with their BC high school to sign a release in order for this to happen automatically.

Note: Students may use the applicable BC Grade 12 courses with an optional provincial exam to satisfy NIC admission or prerequisite requirements in any one of the following ways:

Advanced Placement Grade Report

The Advanced Placement Grade Report may also be used to apply for transfer credit towards a NIC credential. Please see the BC Transfer Guide for equivalencies Leave site. Students must submit an Application for Transfer Credit along with the official Grade Report to the Registrar’s office. To download the Application for Transfer Credit form, please visit the NIC Forms page.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit may be granted to meet program requirements that lead to a credential. Students must apply for transfer credit and provide official transcripts in a sealed envelope directly from the sending institution.

The Application for Transfer Credit form may be obtained at a local campus or downloaded from the college website. Transfer from international institutions that are not a part of an official North Island College exchange program are processed on a case-by-case basis. Transfer credit requests may take up to eight weeks to process. Please apply early.

Placement Testing

Most NIC programs accept placement testing at the appropriate level as meeting a course or program requirement. Placement testing is available to applicants who do not have access to their high school transcript and would like to demonstrate that they have the academic skill levels required for entrance into a program. Applicants may also use the testing results and recommendations to help them determine other programs or courses that would suit their educational background and abilities.

The tests used are not examinations but are reading, writing, and math activities that can help the student plan for success. To access the Math Review Booklet and the English test review material, please visit Assessment Services

Mathematics placement test results are valid for 18 months following the date of testing. English placement tests are valid for 36 months following the date of testing. Testing is offered on a regularly scheduled basis and can be arranged by contacting the local campuses. Testing fees apply and are published in the Other Types of Fees section of the calendar.

Recognition for Prior Learning (PLA)

North Island College (NIC) recognizes that adult learners acquire knowledge and skills through life and work experiences and study unassociated with formal education. Through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) processes, NIC will assess this knowledge and skill and will grant credit and/or recognition for learning that is equivalent to College courses/programs. Credit awarded is North Island College resident credit and is graded and transcripted. Fees will be charged for prior learning assessment and recognition. Applicants are advised to contact the Coordinator of Assessment Services for further information.

Language Proficiency Index (LPI)

Language Proficiency Index scores may be used where applicable. LPI scores are effective for a period of three years. Minimum scores apply. Applicants must submit an official LPI score report to North Island College Assessment Services. Applicants can arrange for official LPI score reports to be sent directly from an LPI office to Assessment Services at any North Island College campus or they can submit an online score report that has been printed in the presence of North Island College Assessment staff.

Criminal Records Search

By law (The Criminal Records Review Act 2007) criminal records searches are required from applicants to program areas that involve working with children or other vulnerable persons. Information revealed in a Criminal Records Search may prevent students from completing their program as it may prevent them from participating in required practicum placements. Students may be asked for additional Criminal Records Searches prior to field placements or professional registration. The cost of any search is the responsibility of the applicant. Criminal Record Searches are required for the Early Childhood Care & Education, Health Care Assistant, Human Services, Practical Nurse and Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree programs. Please contact your program Admission Officer for Criminal Record Check procedures.

International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate graduates are welcome at NIC. Students may apply to receive transfer credit from the International Baccalaureate program. Minimum scores apply. Refer to BC Transfer Guide for equivalencies Leave site.

Instructor Permission (Prerequisite Waiver)

At their discretion, instructors may allow students to register in a course without documented or demonstrated prerequisites. In order to register, students must present an instructor signed Prerequisite Waiver form.