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Scholarly Activity and Research Committee

The Scholarly Activity and Research Committee explores, evaluates, and prioritizes opportunities for collaborative and community-based scholarly activities and applied research. It focuses on research that develops the region's social, human, and economic well-being and research relevant to the scholarship of teaching and learning.

The committee is open to partnering with appropriate businesses, community groups, non-profit agencies, government departments, and other educational institutions, such as the Vancouver Island Community Research Alliance (VICRA) to achieve its goals.

To discuss possible partnerships, please contact Naomi Tabata, Manager, Centre for Applied Research, Technology and Innovation.

Research Ethics Board

All research undertaken at or under the auspices of North Island College that involves human or animal participants requires ethical review and approval before data collection begins. Applications for course-based research projects should be submitted by either the instructor, where research assignments to be undertaken by students are similar, or by students where each class-based project may have differing approaches or elements of risk.

How do I Apply?