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The Art of Cultural Patterning

Learn about the importance of patterns in our lives and of the history and creation of Celtic knots and intricate designs. Then create your own design. Discover the beauty of Islamic and East Indian patterning and create a mandala. Discover Plains Indian and Haida cultural art patterns and create a bookmark and a larger picture using this knowledge. All materials provided for $25.


You,Too, Can Draw!

Using simple objects, non-artists will create two beautiful life drawings. In the process, students will learn art terminology and how to apply it to create realistic renderings. Results guaranteed!  We will explore line, shape, composition, texture, shading, background, and the colour wheel in this hands-on class. A $3.00 fee will be charged at registration for class materials.


Fellini:  The Early Films

In other art mediums, the early works -- though valued -- may not be the most prized. The instructor believes that a director's early films, made on a shoestring budget before success and fortune, are the most urgent and often the most interesting. Fellini's early work is the epitome of this. There will be three early films, ending with "La Dolce Vita."


Visions From Around the World

This course will look at four directors (Steve McQueen, Jane Campion, Ang Lee, and Kenneth Longeron) and how their vision is translated to the screen through one of each of their films. Participants will be provided with background materials. As always, one of the best parts of the course will be the post-film discussion.


From Page to Stage

During her lifetime, Calgary playwright Sharon Pollock was arguably the most important female playwright in Canada. She left her mark through a large body of work that challenges audiences and theatre makers alike. Sharon wrote, acted, directed, taught, produced, and mentored many others well into her 80s. We will read and discuss two of her plays: Blood Relations and Generations. Required text: Blood Relations and Other Plays. (Please bring your own copy to first class - aprox $20 book).


Improv - Welcome Back!

In this course participants will learn techniques actors use to support one another. It's not about being 'on stage,' or becoming an actor, or memorizing lines, but rather an opportunity to stretch the imagination and spark spontaneity. This course is for those new to improv classes, as well as seasoned veterans.


Topics in Popular Music

This course will explore aspects of jazz, country, blues, rhythm & blues, pop and rock, as seen through the music and the stories of the artists who created it.


Dance Fitness

Dance promotes flexibility, endurance, and core stability. Explore styles from classical ballet to musical theatre, as well as some ethnic dances. The sessions will be off-site at Comox United Church, 250 Beach Dr, Comox, BC. A $15.00 facility fee will be added to your tuition during registration.


African Drumming

In this class participants will have the opportunity to learn basic techniques on djembe drums and will work as a team to create rhythmic orchestrations. We will create our own rhythms and learn at least one traditional African rhythm. We are born into rhythm - everyone can get into the groove. No previous experience required. Beginners only please. Drums provided.


Introduction to Bucket Drumming

In this class participants will have the opportunity to engage in a fun community-minded activity that requires no previous experience. Get to know how simple rhythms can be woven together to form complex orchestrations, learn to love the complexities of rhythm, and always leave feeling encouraged and smiling. Students will need to bring a PLASTIC bucket - a regular garbage can size will work. Alternatively, you can use the 5G Home Depot ones along with a stand.


Writers' Workshop

This is an interactive class in which writers and would-be writers may share their work and have it gently appreciated and critiqued by others. No formal instruction.


Fundamentals of Photography

This is non-technical look at how to improve your photographic composition. Although many of the concepts presented will apply to adjustable cameras, concepts will also be relevant to point-and-shoot cameras and phone cameras. Students should be familiar with the basic operations of their own camera and should  bring it to each class. A tripod is useful but not mandatory. There will be three field trips.


Looking Forward, Giving Back

Learn how to leave a legacy that benefits students, your family and the community. You don't have to choose between supporting your family and the community you love. This session will cover tax laws and estate planning. A lawyer and an accountant will be available to answer questions on using tax savings to benefit future generations and worthy community initiatives.


Be Kind to Those You Leave Behind

Our passing is inevitable. Before then, there may be health decisions to make, information required by our loved ones, many unknowns. Let's be kind to those we leave behind... make it easier to handle all that's required of them before and after our death. This course will help you clarify your wishes, gather information and documentation on the practical side, and guide and encourage you on the personal side.


Role of the Executor

You will learn the role of the executor in BC estate administration law from a practising estate administration lawyer. We will discuss factors to consider before you accept or assign the appointment as an executor. We will also address practical steps to be taken upon a will-maker's death, and the executor's rights and responsibilities in fulfilling their wishes. Optional printed materials to help with document organization will be available.


What are Viruses Anyway?

Everyone's aware that a virus is causing the COVID-19 pandemic. But what exactly are viruses, and how do they differ from bacteria and other parasites? In brief, viruses are tiny biological entities that can infect all other lifeforms: bacteria; fungi; plants; and animals. We will explore how this occurs and how viruses replicate, mutate, spread, and cause illness. We'll also look at how vaccines work to protect us from viruses.


Eastern versus Western Astrology

Western and Eastern astrology use similar variables. However, when the same birth information is used to create a chart, the charts are different. Understanding why this occurs is an exciting journey providing food for thought, and for future exploration. Resources material and references will be provided.


Ride Right: Cycling Road Skills

Learn/review the rights, rules and responsibilities of safe cycling, including e-bikes. The course includes classroom instruction, as well as parking lot and on-road activities. (Road ride subject to weather conditions - may be rescheduled). Participants should be comfortable handling their bikes. Bring bike, helmet, suitable clothing, water and snack. $10 CV Cycling Coalition membership fee payable at registration for insurance.


Scenic Hikes (No Dogs)

Come enjoy a weekly hike! Pack a lunch and revisit the familiar and, perhaps, discover some new trails We'll be traveling once a week, as far south as Bowser and north to Campbell River. Car pooling is not recommended at this time, so you will need to provide your own transportation. These hikes will have variable terrain, so are not suitable for those with mobility issues. An email will be sent to all registrants shortly before the first session confirming the location of the first hike.


Your Microbiome - Both Good & Bad

Over the past decade there's been a scientific revolution in our understanding of the human microbiome - the trillions of Bacteria, Archaea, Yeasts and other microbes that live in/on us and are now known to be essential for normal development and function of our Brain, Immune systems and Metabolism. Learn how medical science is taking the early steps toward powerful new approaches to Obesity, Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies and - perhaps - Alzheimers.


The Servas Travel Experience

Servas (to serve) helps build world peace and understanding by introducing international travellers to local families eager to share their culture, food, and local attractions. This class will tell you what you need to know to become a Servas traveller or host.


Invigorate Your Book Club!

Want to liven up your book club meetings? Learn how to apply the language of literary analysis to the work you read, and sound informed as you comment on what you liked or disliked about the book selection. Read on-line version of Steinbeck's "The Chrysanthemums"


Mystics and the Mundane

Mystics aren't mainstream in our rational scientific world, because they don't fit in. Yet normal people do have mystical experiences if they just pay attention. They may occur in times of silence, ritual, great emotion, beauty, creativity, or in nature. Each week, we'll read and reflect on mystical writing from different times and traditions, learn about the authors, and share our own reaction or our similar experiences.


How to Argue About Ethics

This class will introduce you to the topic of applied ethics, giving you the basic tools to be able to argue about the rights and wrongs of most moral dilemmas. It is presented in an entertaining and informative manner, teaching practical ethical analysis without the sermon.


Bridge - Intermediate Bidding

This course is designed for intermediate players who are looking to add more bidding tools to their game. We will explore the more frequently used Conventions, Cue Bids and Doubles. We will also explore the 2/1 Bidding System.


Bridge - Introduction to Modern Bidding

Designed for new players or players returning to the game of bridge, this course will cover the modern Standard American system of bidding.


Bridge - Play the Hand, Defend the Hand

This course is designed to help new or less-experienced players to better play a hand as well as how to defend a hand more successfully.


Canadian Short Stories

The short story continues to be a thriving genre in Canadian literature, particularly since the mid-twentieth century. This discussion-based course will explore about a dozen of the best of these stories by writers from across the country, with a particular emphasis on the short fiction of our Nobel prize-winning Canadian writer, Alice Munro. Come prepared to share your thoughts and impressions on each week's assigned readings.


Quantum Physics

Quantum physics, the modern theory of how things work, is encountered mostly when investigating tiny things like electrons and atoms. Because of its heavy reliance on advanced mathematics, QP is difficult to comprehend by the interested non-specialist. The goal of this course is to impart a basic comprehension of this always fascinating, but rarely understood field, discussing its history, its basic (often strange) ideas, and its applications and philosophical ramifications.


Vancouver Island Birds

Well-known nature photographer Mike Yip will present an overview of the common birds of Vancouver Island, which will include discussion of bald eagles and the mysterious white ravens. This is an opportunity to learn more about what you might see at your backyard feeder, as well as birds from farther afield.


Vancouver Island Butterflies

Mike will present a colourful overview of the butterflies of Vancouver Island: where and when to find common species, and sidebars on some of our rare and endangered species. Mike is the lead author and photographer of the book "Vancouver Island Butterflies."


Backyard Composting

Composting makes use of waste and livens up soil. And it's easy to do! Come learn the secrets of safely and quickly making rich nutritious compost out of your kitchen and yard waste. Learn why, how, where, when, and what. Bring your questions for this fun discussion with a Master Composter. Feed the soil that feeds the plants that feed us!