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CV ElderCollege Membership


ElderCollege membership Comox Valley is an annual membership from September 1 to August 31. CVEC does not run courses during the period of May 1 to August 31. By requesting membership with ElderCollege, I understand the membership fee is non-refundable; I consent to NIC releasing my personal information to the ElderCollege Executive Committee and its subcommittees, for the purposes of course registration/notification, and in supporting ElderCollege volunteer activities.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-0001-DLS1 DL Apr 30 $10.00

From the Parthenon to Picasso


This course will provide an overview of "The Classical Tradition" in art, including examples of ancient myths, archaeology, and literature. We will examine the impacts of this tradition on the works of later artists, particularly "the moderns" such as Picasso, Lipchitz, Moore, Judy Chicago, and others.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-1420-CVS1 CV Mar 23-Mar 30 $11.00

Buddy, can you spare a dime?


This course takes an in-depth look at the Great Depression beyond the stock market crash. It examines the origins and causes of the depression, its geographical scope, its impact on business and individuals, the steps taken to mitigate its effects, and the eventual reasons it came to an end. A footnote will be a discussion on whether or not a depression of this magnitude could occur again.

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-3505-CVS1 CV Mar 21-Apr 4 $21.00

Backyard Composting


Composting makes use of waste and livens up soil. And it's easy to do! Come learn the secrets of safely and quickly making rich nutritious compost out of your kitchen and yard waste. Learn why, how, where, when, and what. Bring your questions for this fun discussion with a Master Composter.  Feed the soil that feeds the plants that feed us!

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-7550-CVS1 CV Mar 30 $5.50

Planet Formation with ALMA


This lecture will explore the formation of planets in our universe. It will showcase the results of ten years of work by one of Canada's international observatories, called ALMA, and what ALMA has taught us about how planets form in disks of cold gas and dust around young stars

Section Location Dates Cost
CVEC-9015-CVS1 CV Mar 25 $6.00