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Red Cross Standard First Aid with CPR Level C - Blended Learning


This is a comprehensive first aid course for those who require the skills and knowledge necessary to deal with life-threatening situations and to give assistance to people in physical distress. Students must complete the theory portion online prior to the in class day. The theory includes reading and short quizzes at the end of each unit. It takes approximately 2 - 3 hrs. The practical training and final test are done on the in class day. The Blended RC Standard First Aid course is recognized by WorkSafe BC as a valid equivalent certification for the Occupational First Aid Level. Certification is transferable between provinces and recognized nationally for workplace requirements. Includes all of the content of the Emergency First Aid course (FAC 021) plus injuries due to heat and cold, medical conditions, bone and joint injuries, head and spinal injuries. Certification is by the Red Cross and is valid for a period of three years, but yearly recertification in CPR Level C is recommended.

Prerequisite(s): Theory portion must be completed online before students attend class.

Section Location Dates Cost
FAC-081-CRB1 CR Aug 8 $175.00
FAC-081-CVB4 CV Aug 3 $175.00
FAC-081-CVB1 CV Oct 6 $180.00
FAC-081-CVB2 CV Dec 10 $180.00
FAC-081-PAB2 PA Aug 3 $175.00
FAC-081-PAB1 PA Oct 15 $180.00
FAC-081-PAB1 PA Feb 11 $180.00
FAC-081-PAB2 PA Apr 22 $180.00
FAC-081-PAB1 PA Jun 3 $180.00