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The NICBotCamp will use LEGO robots to inspire and engage youth in science and engineering pursuits. Students (grades 4 to 6) will participate in fun, hands-on camps during the week, learning basic digital literacy skills including LEGO robotics.

Section Location Dates Cost
CAMP-LEGO-CVS1 CV Aug 13-Aug 17 $185.00
CAMP-LEGO-CVS2 CV Aug 20-Aug 24 $185.00
CAMP-LEGO-GRS1 GR Jul 30-Aug 3 $185.00
CAMP-LEGO-PAS1 PA Jul 23-Jul 27 $185.00
CAMP-LEGO-UCS1 UC Aug 7-Aug 10 $150.00


Tech Explorers Camp

The Tech Explorers Camp aims to inspire students (ages 9 to 12) through the teaching of various innovative tech concepts. Students will learn coding, LEGO robotics, circuits and other aspects of technology in a hands-on, fun environment.

Section Location Dates Cost
CAMP-TECH-CVS1 CV Aug 20-Aug 24 $195.00