Sponsorship Funding

If you are a sponsored student, remember that the funding agreement is between you and the outside agency, not with North Island College. North Island College’s relationship is with the student and pertains to program exploration, program information and College procedures. You work directly with your sponsor on funding related issues, but NIC advisors are here to support you. 

To assist you with the sponsorships process, we have compiled this list of student and advisor responsibilities:

Student Responsibilities

NIC Advisor Responsibilities

  • Contact and meet with potential sponsor, likely before you apply to NIC
  • Understand sponsorship guidelines
  • Determine your eligibility for funding
  • Adhere of application deadlines
  • Complete necessary paperwork for sponsorship application
  • If approved, sponsorship agency will complete Funding Agency Sponsorship Agreement form
  • Understand your agreement:
    • What is being funded?
    • What is not being funded?
    • For which costs are you responsible?
    • For what time period is the funding agreement?
    • Is a second agreement form needed for a second semester? 
  • Send NIC a copy of the sponsorship agreement form on or before the funding deadline
  • Contact an NIC financial aid advisor (or any NIC advisor) at any point in this process for support or guidance
  • Answer student questions pertaining to program information, including information needed for funding application. For example, tuition and book costs, start and end dates etc.
  • Confirm that the sponsorship agreement has been received at NIC, if requested
  • Clarify terms of funding as related to NIC, if necessary
  • Advise students on process for receiving books and supplies funded by sponsor

The Advising Syllabus outlines what an advisor will help you with at NIC.