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  • Nature
    Sarah Johnson - Nature
  • Landscapes
    Sascha Porteous - Landscapes
  • Landscapes
    Keith Wood - Landscapes
  • Highly knowledgeable instructors
    Receive hands-on experience with highly knowledgeable instructors
  • Portraiture
    Monica Collins - Portraiture
  • Photojournalism
    Kathy Booth - Photojournalism
  • Advertizing
    Alicia Baas - Advertizing
  • Locations
    The Comox Valley offers a range of rural, urban and wilderness locations
  • Lighting, terrain, composition
    Students face challenges with lighting, terrain and composition
  • Locations
    Photography students visit unique, visually interesting locations
  • Varied career paths
    Develop an exciting career in photo journalism, wedding and event photography, portrait photography, or advertising
  • Landscapes
    Reyna Wallter - Landscapes
  • Advertizing
    Kelsey Mason - Advertizing

  • Communication Design Diploma
    Erin Kenny – animation – 1st year Communication Design Diploma
  • Poster design
    Erin Kenny – poster design
  • Identity design
    Erin Kenny – identity design
  • Communication Design Diploma
    Jimmy Quan – infographic – 2nd year Communication Design Diploma
  • Identity design
    Jimmy Quan – identity design
  • Communication Design Diploma
    Charlene Roberts – interactive magazine – 1st year Communication Design Diploma
  • Table of contents design
    Charlene Roberts – table of contents design
  • Communication Design Diploma
    Kendra Rowe – website – 1st year Communication Design Diploma
  • Interactive magazine
    Kendra Rowe – interactive magazine
  • Poster design
    Kendra Rowe – poster design
  • Communication Design Diploma
    Vanessa Raven-Vipond – logo design – 1st year Communication Design Diploma
  • Book design
    Vanessa Raven-Vipond – book design
  • Advanced Communication Design Diploma
    Yosuke Hasumi – website design – 3rd year Advanced Communication Design Diploma
  • Infographic
    Yosuke Hasumi – infographic
  • Advanced Communication Design Diploma
    Taylor Leigh – infographic – 2nd year Advanced Communication Design Diploma

  • Exhibition
    Fine Arts instructors display their work at the Muir Art Gallery, October 2008
  • Opening gala for Art Show
    Dr. John Belshaw, Associate Vice-President, Education, at the opening gala for the Fine Arts instructor's Art Show
  • Lithograph
    Learn exciting techniques in a wide variety of media
  • Kiln
    The kiln at NIC's Comox Valley campus
  • Shadbolt Studio
    NIC's Shadbolt Studio, a modern, 7520 sq ft building containing separate ceramics, painting and sculpture studios
  • Some instructors are internationally acclaimed artist
    Many NIC instructors are internationally acclaimed artists, such as potter Gordon Hutchinson
  • NIC Grad Show 07 - 33
    NIC Grad Show, 2007
  • ECU graduate
    Connor Buchanan, ECU graduate
  • Tozan Anagama Kiln
    Students fire the Tozan Anagama kiln, one of only four in the world
  • Ceramic creations
    Ceramic creations, ready for firing
  • Critical thinking and experimenting
    Students are encouraged to think critically and experiment
  • Kiln loading
    Students prepare the Comox Valley campus kiln
  • Exposure to electives
    Gain exposure to a range of electives, from drawing to sculpture to photography
  • Raku firing
    Instructor Alan Burgess prepares for raku firing
  • Wide range of media
    Students express their unique style in a wide range of media