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First-year students
  • First-year students
    First-year Bachelor of Science students
  • Lively discussions
    Lively discussions foster greater confidence and friendships
  • Group presentation
    First-year students perform group presentation
  • Small classes
    With small classes, students get to know their instructors and classmates
  • NIC BSN graduate
    Rebecca Fahey, NIC BSN graduate
  • NIC BSN graduate
    Jean Graham, NIC BSN graduate
  • Part of our community
    "NIC is part of our community, and they listen to our needs." - Sandy Woiden, Vice President of Residential Services, St. Joseph's Hospital & Glacier View Lodge
  • Interactive facilities
    Interactive facilities, Comox Valley campus
  • Biology lab
    Biology lab, Campbell River campus

  • HRSCA graduate
    Deanne Friesen, HRSCA graduate with Beryl Geppert at Laurel Lodge

  • Instructor guides students
    Instructor Jane Coleman guides Practical Nursing students
  • Focus on quality client care
    Students focus on quality client care in today's fast-paced health care system
  • Simulator manikings
    Programmable simulator manikins respond to the actions of health care students, giving a unique, hands-on learning experience
  • Better access to teachers
    With small classes, students enjoy better access to teacher assistance than in larger institutions
  • Practical Nursing students
    Practical Nursing students gain hands-on experience
  • Students work together
    Students work together to give and receive valuable feedback
  • In the lab
    Gain confidence and experience in the lab
  • Tools of the trade
    Get to know the tools of the trade
  • Work towards success
    Students develop the knowledge, professional attitudes and sound judgement needed to succeed

First-year students