Tourism & Hospitality
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Instructor helps students
  • Instructor helps students
    Instructor David Pinel helps students develop kayaking skills
  • Adventure Tourism students
    Adventure Tourism students gain great hands-on experience
  • Small classes
    Small classes, great instructors
  • Fantastic field trips
    Fantastic field trips
  • Gain valuable skills
    Gain valuable skills while having fun
  • Balance adventure with client safety
    Adventure Tourism students learn how to balance adventure with client safety
  • Navigation is a fundamental skill
    Navigation is a fundamental skill for any outdoor pursuit
  • Amazing locations
    Adventure Tourism students explore amazing wilderness locations
  • Spectacular destinations
    Visit spectacular destinations along BC's coast
  • Experience varied weather conditions
    Students experience varied ocean and weather conditions on the BC coast
  • Adventure Tourism graduate
    Susanna Ritchie, NIC graduate and kayak guide for West Coast Expeditions

  • Modern facilities
    Modern, fully equipped training facilities
  • Master fundamental skills
    Students master fundamental skills
  • Culinary techniques
    Develop valuable culinary techniques
  • Experienced, qualified instructors
    Learn from highly experienced, qualified instructors
  • Teamwork and communication skills
    Students develop teamwork and communication skills
  • Small classes
    Small classes help create lasting friendships
  • Food prep and production
    Learn the full range of food preparation and production
  • Discover a range of skills
    Students discover a range of skills, from baking and breakfast cookery to fine dining
  • Industry work experience
    Students receive industry work experience, enhancing work opportunities
  • Culinary artistry
    Culinary artistry
  • Kitchen management
    Students learn the importance of kitchen management
  • Instructor in Port Alberni
    Instructor Rick Barnum guides a culinary student in Port Alberni

  • Third Course Bistro
    Culinary and Tourism students perfect skills at Campbell River's Third Course Bistro
  • Gain confidence
    Gain confidence through hands-on experience
  • Instructors enjoy the Third Course
    Instructors Harley Elias and Jonelle Knowles enjoy the Third Course
  • Real-world experience
    Students receive valuable, real-world experience with the public
  • Co-op work
    Jamie Bosomworth completes a work co-op at Crown Isle resort
  • NIC grads find employment
    NIC graduates are employed in all areas of the tourism and hospitality industry
  • Sustainable tourism
    NIC students participate in a sustainable tourism project in Sapa, Vietnam

Instructor helps students