Withdrawals and Refunds

International applicants who have paid their tuition deposit and accepted an offer and registered for a program at NIC are subject to the International Tuition and Fees Refund Policy. A tuition deposit (the amount indicated on your Letter of Invitation) is non-refundable. Any excess in tuition or fees paid (i.e. a credit balance) are refundable. Students must submit a request in writing for a refund to irefunds@nic.bc.ca of a credit balance.

Transfer to Other Canadian Institutions

Students transferring to another Canadian institution must provide the name of the school they are transferring to. Tuition and fees are not transferrable to other institutions. An international student who has been removed from the College due to student misconduct (academic or non-academic) will not receive a refund.

Study Permit Refusal

In the event the student is denied a study permit they must send an email request for a refund to irefunds@nic.bc.ca. You must include a copy of the letter from Canada Immigration denying the request for a study permit within 90 days of the date on the denial letter.

No refund will be processed if a study permit is denied due to lack of document authenticity or is labelled as fraud. Refunds may take up to 8 weeks to process.

Please note, non-refundable fees include (in Canadian dollars):

  • application fee $100
  • funds withheld from refund amount
    • refund processing fee $200
Questions? Contact Us today or email study@nic.bc.ca for more assistance.