Host an International Student

International students come to NIC to experience Canadian culture while they continue their studies. As a host you will provide a home away from home and help students learn about our community. In exchange for being a host, you will receive a monthly accommodation fee.

Homestay and peerstay options

There are two types of hosting opportunities available: homestay and peerstay.


Homestay hosts provide a fully furnished private bedroom, laundry facilities, 3 daily meals, and free WiFi. Homestay families receive an $800 monthly accommodation fee. The first three months are nonrefundable and the payments are processed by NIC. The remaining months are paid directly by the student to the host family.


Peerstay is similar to homestay, but students provide their own meals. Peerstay students share their host family’s kitchen. This arrangement allows more independence for both the student and the host family. The monthly fee is $500 and is paid the same way as the homestay fee.

How does it work?

Interested hosts will fill out an application form. You will be contacted by our accommodations officer and will go through a screening process which includes a home visit/interview and a criminal record check. Students are also screened to ensure a good match between the hosts and the students. Once matched, our team will connect you with your student via email so you can get to know each other before the student arrives.

Please review the host accommodation handbook for more details on the roles and responsibilities of a host.

If you are interested in hosting an international student, please complete the host application form and submit it to