International student services

NIC Student Services provides a wide range of services and resources to help you reach your goals. You will find that the more you access these services and seek information from these resources the better prepared you will be for your coursework and for academic success.

As international students all your advising needs will be met through the International Student Advisors (ISAs) in the OGE office. ISA’s provide advice on matters related to:

  • timetabling
  • learning plans
  • program changes
  • medical insurance overviews
  • immigration advice (study permit extensions, post-grad work permits, visa inquiries, and off-campus work permits)

Our Registration team at each campus are the first people you will see when you enter the Students Services Department. Registration assistants can help you with a variety of issues including course registration, payments, accessing your student records or submitting NIC forms. Go to Registration page for more information.

Continuing students are responsible for paying the balance of fees due by 4pm the first day of classes. Any unpaid fees could result in removal from classes, locked accounts and a $300 late fee penalty. For more information about payment options please see How to Pay.

NIC students can access a wide range of employment services and opportunities, both during college and after graduation. NIC’s Student Employment Services staff can help you with all things career-related including resume writing, interview skills, and searching for work. We can connect you with businesses and organizations that are seeking new employees and share tips on how to secure your dream job.

If you are in a Work-Integrated Learning (co-op or internship) program, Student Employment Services offer added support and opportunities to help you gain workplace experience as well as make valuable connections to employers while enrolled in your academic program.

NIC Library & Learning Commons space on each campus is a hub of student support including access to writing/math support, peer tutoring, and computer labs.

Visit your campus library to access our collection of print and digital materials, meet with your group in one of the study rooms, discover writing and math resources, get your questions answered about student technologies, and learn valuable research skills you'll need to make your academic year a success.

The Library and Learning Commons is a vibrant space where students can access academic support services such as research, writing, math, peer tutoring and IT help. Flexible, collaborative and individual study spaces provide students with a rich learning environment where ideas are shared and learning is enhanced.
Lynette Gallant, Coordinator
Library Services, North Island College

NIC Student Technical Services team are here to support you in all your NIC technology needs. Whether you need help logging in or accessing Microsoft Office products and other online classroom tools, the Student Technical Services team is here to help you.

Wireless Network Access

Wifi Network access is available for employees and students at NIC through two networks: “NIC-WIFI” and “Eduroam”. For more information on network access for students, please contact Student Technical Services.


To access:

  • Select "NIC-WIFI" from your available networks
  • Enter your myNIC username and password to log in*
    • For Android users: If you do not see "Use system certificates", please select "do not validate" or "(unspecified)"
  • If prompted, select “Trust the connection” and/or “remember credentials”

Step-by-step instructions specific to laptops, Android and iPhone can be found on Student Technical Services.


Eduroam is a secure network available to students, researchers and staff from participating institutions across Canada. Once Eduroam is set up, you will automatically log in anytime you are at NIC or ANY other participating institution.

To access:

  • select "Eduroam” from your available wifi networks
  • Enter your NIC email address and myNIC password
  • If prompted, select “Trust the connection” and/or “remember credentials”

For more information on network access for students, please contact Student Technical Services.

As a student, challenges may arise that relate to college life or are from outside the college environment. To support you in your life and educational goals, our counsellors offer short-term counselling and coaching for personal challenges and unexpected circumstances, learning strategies and study skills, stress management, and conflict resolution.

NIC policies and procedures are developed to guide and direct present and future initiatives and are the rules you agree to follow as an NIC student. We encourage students to read all policies, particularly:

Section Three: Educational Policies

Section Four: Student Services