Welcome to Canada and North Island College!

You've just joined a supportive community of teachers and students dedicated to learning. You have lots of questions as you prepare your journey. Find your answers here.

Last-minute questions

We're sure you are looking forward to your travels to Canada with both excitement and perhaps some worry.

We would like to do anything we can to help you. Email us with any questions you have, about anything. Big questions like "How do I get to the Comox Valley?" or small questions like "Do I need a raincoat?" - all of them are ok.

What to bring

It's always a challenge to decide what to bring. This list should help.

Pack clothing appropriate for Vancouver Island weather. You might want to check out our weather office. Temperatures in the summer rises to +25 degrees Celsius and in the winter the temperature can drop as low as -5 degrees Celsius. A raincoat and boots are a good idea for our winter rain. Students on campus dress casually – jeans and T-shirts are normal.

  • Have enough cash or access to funds on a credit card to pay for your expenses for the first few weeks; including accommodation, rent, damage deposit, food, text books, and a bus pass. This would normally be $2,000 - $2,500 CDN.
  • OGE is not able to provide financial assistance to international students. Please ensure you have enough money to cover your time in Canada.
  • We anticipate you will set up a bank account at one of our major banks, allowing you to transfer funds into the account as needed. Major banks in each NIC community include the Royal Bank (RBC), TD Canada Trust, Scotia Bank, Bank of Montreal (BMO), and CIBC.
  • If you have a laptop, bring it. We have wireless service on campus. Wireless service is also available in most coffee shops and included in some accommodations.
  • Bring photos of your family, your friends and other people or places to help you stay connected with home.
  • Bring a book or two as well as your own music!
  • If you use medical prescriptions, ensure you bring them. Also bring a written copy of your prescription as well as your eyeglass prescription.
  • Think about what you use each month that you will not be able to buy in Canada and pack that too. Check luggage limits with your airline too!
Questions? Contact Us today!