NIC has partnered with the Canada Homestay Network to provide homestay services in Campbell River, the Comox Valley and Port Alberni. Live with a local family to experience Canadian culture in a safe, friendly environment. A variety of placement options are available.

We advise you to plan where you live ahead of time so you know where you are staying when you arrive. A short outline of your accommodation options and costs are listed below.

Living with a student roommate

If you would like to live with another student, you can search for roommates on the OGE Facebook page. Locally, most people advertise for roommates on Comox Valley Craigslist. You can also put up a notice on college bulletin boards when you arrive.

Renting an apartment, house, or room

If you prefer to live in an independent rental (apartment), there are several ways to find one:

Campbell River

BC Classifieds


Used Campbell River

Comox Valley

Comox Valley Craigslist

BC Classifieds


Used Comox Valley

Port Alberni


Used Pacific Rim

Rentals are also posted on bulletin boards on each campus.

Short-term Accommodation

Most students secure accommodation before they arrive because it’s easier to prepare and plan a budget. When it's not possible to get living arrangements organized before arrival, a student needs short-term accommodation. There are several affordable hotels in each region. Please see the following links to help you find temporary accommodation:

Campbell River Motels

Comox Valley Motels

Port Alberni Motels

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