Language Pathway

Students who do not meet NIC's English Proficiency Requirements can choose to attend Language Pathway schools across Canada that partner with NIC.

Pathway to NIC for ESL Learners

Apply to NIC's Language Pathway partners and NIC at the same time and gain dual admission into NIC's academic programs. Upon successful completion of required courses at one of our Language Pathway partners, you can smoothly transition into NIC's academic program.

Under our English Language Pathway agreements, completion of following courses will satisfy NIC's English Language Proficiency Requirements (equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or 6.5 depending on programs).

Articulation agreement: International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC)

Educational Pathway Agreement: Global Village English Centres

Dual Admission to NIC and Language Pathway partners

Applying for admission is easy. Here are some additional steps you need.

  1. Contact one of NIC's Language Pathway schools if you do not meet NIC's English Language Proficiency Requirement
  2. Submit an application and be admitted into Language Pathway school
  3. Submit an application to NIC programs
  4. Upon application to NIC, you must submit the following additional documents. See how to apply for the required documents and the step-by-step process. Once admitted to the Language school, apply to NIC's programs and indicate your agent and/or the Language Pathway partners.
    1. Letter of Acceptance from our Language Pathway partner school. If you are applying to NIC programs while in Canada and already attending the language school, please indicate this in your email
  5. To gain dual admission into NIC, you must meet all admission requirements except English Language Proficiency