Research Ethics Board

All research undertaken at, or under the auspices of, North Island College that involves human participants requires ethical review and approval before data collection begins.

Applications go through the Research Ethics Decision Process for approval.

How do I apply for approval?

For course-based research projects

If all students in a class are doing the same or very similar primary research, the instructor seeks ethics approval using the form: PPM 1-12 B Application for Departmental Ethics Approval - Instructor.

Where a course-based project has differing approaches or elements of risk from one student project to another, the student applies for ethics approval, using the form: PPM 1-12 B Application for Departmental Ethics Approval - Student.

These applications are submitted to the Departmental Ethics Review Panel (DERP) for decision. Where a department does not have a DERP in place, the instructor or student submits their application directly to the Research Ethics Board (REB) at

For all research outside of course-based projects

Researchers apply to the REB, using the form: PPM 1-12 C Application for Ethics Approval

Effective February 1, 2019, applications for consideration at an upcoming REB meeting must be received at 14 days prior to the meeting date (see meeting schedule link).

All applications must be submitted well in advance of planned data collection, allowing time for review, recommendations and approval.

Current NIC students, staff and faculty will find more information in the Research Ethics Board section of myNIC.



Antonie Scholtz
Chair, REB