Student Leadership Team

NIC’s Student Leadership Team supports and develops skills in emerging leaders in a fun, dynamic and engaging way.

The student leaders explore many aspects of leadership, acknowledging that everything we do has impacts locally and globally.

Student leaders take part in leadership workshops and retreats, network with community, help with college events and gain volunteer hours.

To learn more or sign up, contact Nancy Twynam at or 250-724-8704.

When students join the Student Leadership Team, they open a door into many new experiences and opportunities that are not available in the classroom. They take on a new role and develop a sense of belonging to something very special and important at NIC, developing their own leadership skills, meeting and working with other students and NIC employees. They contribute their skills to NIC and the community in many ways and become part of a team that supports them through their growth, learning, challenges and their successes.
Nancy Twynam
Associate Director of Student Affairs
Being part of the Student Leadership Team is an amazing experience. You get the chance to challenge yourself while you develop skills that you’ll use for the rest of your life, both personally and professionally. You also get to connect with students from a variety of program areas that you may not have met otherwise and you come together to form a cohesive team and a support network you can call on when you need extra help or support. It’s incredibly rewarding.
Rachel Birch
student leadership team member