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Web and Mobile Application Development - Interactive Media Diploma

Two-year diploma

Where: Comox Valley
Starts: September
  • Develop skills in design for print and web, programming, mobile and web development and project management.
  • Be in demand. The BC 2025 Labour Economic Outlook predicts web designers and developers will be among the most in demand occupational groups requiring post-secondary training in BC, with more than 2,590 job openings available to 2025.

Career possibilities: Qualify for a broad range of exciting employment opportunities in web and mobile design and development and more.


  • Technical expertise. In response to industry and employer input, NIC’s programs include an increased number of advanced technology courses to give you a high level of technical expertise.
  • Professional experience counts. On-the-job experience is an optional part of the program, giving you increased personal confidence, a stronger understanding of client expectations and direct professional connections.
  • Innovation. Today’s employers and businesses value creative problem solving. NIC’s instructors look for innovative creative solutions preparing you for your future career.
  • Develop your style. At NIC, you’ll learn in smaller classes from experienced instructors who are focused on your success. You’ll have greater access to resources, plus the professional guidance and encouragement to develop your personal style.


NIC's interactive media programs provide you with the skills you need for today and in the future. Part-time study is available but, because technology changes rapidly, you are encouraged to complete your studies as quickly as you can.

The Web and Mobile Application Development diploma gives you a thorough education in application design and development for the web, smart phones and tablets. You will receive the same fundamental knowledge as students in our web design  certificate and will continue into more advanced design techniques and technologies included in the Mobile Application Development certificate. The program also introduces web game development, project management and other emerging technologies.

An optional work term of four weeks gives you valuable on-the-job experience, resulting in increased confidence and professional contacts.

Career Opportunities

Web and mobile application development graduates qualify for a wide range of positions in interactive media design and development. Career positions may include, but would not be limited to, web applications designer/developer, e-commerce site developer, mobile application development, web analytics specialist and more.

Supply List

You are required to have sufficient hardware and software for completing coursework. Please review the supply list document for a complete description of technical requirements.

Admission Requirements

  1. C in one of Provincial English 12, English 12 First Peoples, NIC ENG-060, ENG-096, ENG-098, ESL-090, or equivalent; or English assessment.


Upgrade with us to meet prerequisites

Upgrade your English, math and science courses for entry into the program of your choice. Succeed with the help of NIC’s supportive instructors. Courses are flexible and start several times a year so you can learn at your own pace. We offer daytime and evening options. Learn more

International Language Requirements

For international language requirements click here.

Program Requirements

Year 1

plus one English course from the following:

  • ENG-107 Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction & Non-Fiction
  • ENG-108 Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry & Drama
  • ENG-115 Essay Writing and Critical Analysis
  • ENG-120 Introduction to Literature: Short Stories and the Novel
  • ENG-121 Introduction to Literature: Poetry and Drama
  • ENG-125 Composition & Indigenous Literature I
  • ENG-126 Composition & Indigenous Literature II
  • ENG-160 Effective Organizational Writing

Year 2

  • IMG-100 Introduction to PHP
  • IMG-130 Project Management
  • IMG-204 Introduction to Programming in Swift
  • IMG-210 Content Management Systems
  • IMG-214 iOS Application Development
  • IMG-215 Android Application Development
  • IMG-240 Emerging Technologies
  • IMG-250 Applied JavaScript
  • IMG-260 E-Commerce
  • IMG-290 Portfolio Project I
  • Optional Work term (4 weeks non-credit)

Tuition & Costs Estimate for
Fall 2017, Winter, Spring & Summer 2018

Costs indicated are estimates for a 100% course load per year, unless otherwise noted. Additional fees may also include necessary equipment, supplies, NIC appointed uniforms, or field trips not included in these estimates.

While we do our best to share accurate and timely fee information, changes may occur. For more information, visit tuition page.

Domestic Fees

Year 1 Year 2 Grand Total
Tuition $2,620 $3,420
NISU Fees $115 $140
Lab Fees $155 $205
Books $1,530 $1,530
Learner Resource $140 $170
Health and Dental $275 $275
Total $4,835 $5,740 $10,575
Full-time students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory Health and Dental Benefit plan ($275).

International Fees

Year 1 Year 2 Grand Total
Tuition $12,730 $12,730
NISU Fees $125 $125
Lab Fees $155 $205
Books $1,530 $1,530
Learner Resource $140 $170
Health and Dental $275 $275
Total $14,955 $15,035 $29,990
Additional Costs for International Students include the $100 Application fee (required) and the $250 Accommodation Application Fee (optional).
Full-time students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory Health and Dental Benefit plan ($275).

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the ideal time-frame to complete this program in?
    Because technology changes rapidly, you are encouraged to complete your studies as quickly as you can. Full time students typically complete the program within two years of acceptance. Part time students typically complete the program within four years of acceptance.
  2. Can I register for individual courses without enrolling in the full program?
    Yes. Non-program students can access courses one at a time without committing to the program. On the NIC Application for Admission form, you should choose University Studies as your program name. You will only be admitted to individual courses after program students have enrolled and if there are spaces remaining. In the meantime, you will be wait listed and will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. If you wish to join the program at a later date, the courses you have taken may be counted toward your program completion as long as there has not been too long a gap in your studies. All pre-requisites and co-requisites will still be required.

Linda Perron

Linda Perron
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5054 | Location DIS - 215

Ashley Blacquiere

Ashley Blacquiere
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5045 | Location TYE - 121A

Frank Lu

Frank Lu


Business Administration, Computer Science Technology, Fine Arts, Mathematics-Science

MSc (Business Admin) in Management Info Systems (UBC, 1992)

Subjects: Business, Info Tech & Comp Science, Interactive Media, Mathematics
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5046 | Location TYE - 121

Steve Mackey

Steve Mackey
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4105 | Location RAV - 108B

Frank Niscak

Frank Niscak
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5045 | Location TYE - 121

Susanne Sampson

Susanne Sampson
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5228 | Location RAV - 108A

Nico Tewinkel

Nico Tewinkel


Computer Science Technology

BSc, Computer Science (University of Victoria, 1993)

Subjects: Interactive Media

Megan Wilson

Megan Wilson
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5056 | Location RAV - 108B

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