Université Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB)/NIC Double Degree

Earn a double degree with NIC in the Comox Valley, Vancouver Island and USMB in Annecy in the French Alps in France. Broaden your marketing management expertise, gain international work experience, improve your French language skills and create your international network in sports sales all while paying NIC tuition.

NIC's partnership with University Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB), in France allows you to complete an international double degree and an internship with a major sports brand. You'll earn USBM's Diplôme International de Technologie de l'Université (DITUS) International Sales Specialist in Sports and NIC's Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing or Management).

Where: Comox Valley
Starts: September
Length: 4 years total, including 1 year (year 3) at USMB

This partnership offers a unique opportunity for NIC students to combine a quality Canadian business degree with an opportunity to study abroad, get international work experience through paid internships in the European Union and beyond and earn two degrees in one program.

Mark Herringer, NIC Executive Director, International Education

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Program Requirements

Sixty (60) approved credits (normally 20 courses) must be in process of being completed in the Business or Tourism and Hospitality programs when students apply to the USMB program The following North Island College programs transfer to Universite Savoie Mont Blanc’s Diplôme International de Technologie de l'Université (DITUS), International Sales Specialist in Sports:

Tourism and Hospitality Diploma 
Business Administration Diploma, General Management
Business Administration Diploma, Marketing
Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, General Management
Bachelor of Business Administration Degree, Marketing

Admission Requirements

North Island College/Universite Savoie Mont Blanc Degree Completion and Double Degree options

North Island College (NIC) is proud to support its students who have completed 2 years (60 credits) of study at NIC to participate in the Universite Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB) one year international program ‘International Sales Specialists in Sports’ (ISSS) bachelor level Diplôme International de Technologie de l'Université (DITUS) program. 

There will be 2 possible outcomes for participating NIC students:
Double Degree: available to NIC Bachelor of Business Administration students:

Based on program capacity, qualified NIC BBA Management or Marketing students will be eligible for admission to year 3 of the the ISSS one-year program to meet the requirements for the program to receive bachelor level DITUS ISSS (L3) from USMB.  Students will be eligible to return to NIC to complete their BBA in Management or Marketing based on the articulated courses agreed to by NIC.

The same requirements are applied to NIC Tourism and Hospitality students but one additional course will be required.

Program Highlights

Go global with your learning and earn a Canadian and European degree in one program.

NIC’s partnership with Universite Savoie Mont Blanc lets you study abroad, paying NIC tuition, while you take USMB’s International Sales Specialist in Sports degree.

The one-year international program takes place in the 3rd year of the NIC BBA Marketing or Management degree and is designed for students who have “an inclination for sales, operational marketing and sport industry, and those who have an international vision.” (USMB)

The program consists of 6 months of study with a 4-6 month paid internship. The internships can be with a variety of companies including Salomon, Rossignol, North Face, Patagonia, Columbia Clothing, in France and around the world.

You’ll study in English, but have opportunities to improve your French as you study at USMB Annecy Campus in Annecy – a historic city in the French Alps on one of the largest lakes in the country with water and mountain sports readily available.  Annecy is about a 1 hour drive from Chamonix and La Cluzas Ski areas, a 45 minute train ride to Geneva Switzerland and about 1.5 hours to Courmayeur Italy.


Program objectives

To train future international sales representatives and managers to master applied sales techniques in the outdoor sports industry and to be capable of working in an international environment. The curriculum provides a solid understanding of sales and operational marketing techniques for the sports markets.

The training is developed in partnership with the Outdoor Sports Valley association, OSV. This association brings together 260 members including 150 active members manufacturers, distributors, retailers or designers in the outdoor industry. OSV's vocation is to federate, represent and contribute to the development of companies in the outdoor sports industry.

Some OSV companies include: Eider, Fuslap, Lafuma, Patagonia Europe, Salomon, Scott Sports France, The North Face France, Columbia, TSL Outdoor, Vuarnet, etc.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of USMB’s International Sales Specialist in Sports are qualified for jobs as:

  • Sales representatives
  • Regional managers
  • Shop managers
  • Export managers
  • Foreign brand agents
  • Heads of international sales

Learn more about Universite Savoie Mont Blanc:

Student Life at Savoie

USBM's BA International Sales Specialist in Sports


‘‘The I3S experience, allowed me to reach out to many new opportunities and also meet many interesting people from different industries, but most importantly it helped achieve a major goal in my life: “Working abroad”. Even though this program is new, everybody involved in it is 100% engaged, and you can really feel that you are being supported for your future career. With the I3S program, I was able to realize my internship in China (Shanghai). This internship opened me to a lot of new opportunities and horizons, and this would not have been possible without the support of the I3S team. I am still today working in Shanghai, and wish for everyone in this section to achieve his or her personal objectives.’’

Alexandre NEYRINCK
Student, USBM


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