VIU MBA/MScIB Guaranteed Admission

Your NIC BBA degree or post-degree diploma gives you guaranteed admission to the Master of Business Administration at VIU. This dual British/Canadian program also earns you a Master of Science in International Business from the University of Hertfordshire.

Where: College Wide
Starts: September

I am able to apply what I learned at NIC daily in my job as a small business banker. The faculty have been amazing supportive, helping me every step of the way as I launched my career.


Ryan Hansen, MBA (NIC Bachelor of Business Administration alumni)

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The following North Island College programs lead to guaranteed admission to Vancouver Island University's dual MBA/MScIB degree:

Undergraduate Degrees

Post Degree Diplomas

Admission Requirements


  1. Students must have completed or be in the process of completing their final 15 credits of a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree or Post Degree Diploma (PDD) in Business Administration, Accounting, Human Resources Management, International Management, Management or Global Business Management at NIC.
  2. Students must have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0 in their NIC BBA degree or NIC PDD in business-related programs as noted above to qualify for Guaranteed Admission and Priority Registration.
  3. Students completing an NIC Bachelor of Business Administration degree or NIC one year PDD (Business Administration, Accounting, Human Resources Management, International Management, Management, or Marketing) must show evidence of one year of work experience in Canada or in their home country. For BBA students, an amalgamation of two successfully completed Co-op terms will be considered as achieving this requirement. For PDD Global Business Management graduates, successful completion of this program and minimum GPA, as noted above, will constitute meeting the admission requirements.

How to Apply:

International Language Requirements

If you are applying as an international student, you must meet NIC international admission requirements.

Accessible Learning

Making education accessible for those with a documented disability is a key priority for NIC. We offer a wide range of services, supports and resources for students. For more information visit: Accessible Learning Services.

Program Highlights

In partnership with NIC, VIU now offers NIC business degree (BBA) or post degree diploma (PDD) graduates guaranteed admission and the opportunity to earn a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and University of Hertfordshire (UH) Master of Science in International Business (MScIB) at the same time.

This dual Canadian/British program is designed to give you an opportunity to combine new knowledge and practical experience through the integration of theory, research and practice that can be applied at regional, national and international levels.

The University of Hertfordshire (UH) recognizes this program as fulfilling the requirements of the UH MScIB degree. As a result, on completion of the program, candidates will receive a Canadian MBA and a UK MScIB from two public universities, opening up a world of opportunities.