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AQT-105 Shellfish and Algal Production

3 credits

This course provides an overview of the production approaches used in the shellfish aquaculture sector. Topics include seed transport, juvenile rearing systems (e.g., Floating Upweller System (FLUPSY) design and function), production systems (raft, longlines, beach), containment structures (nets, trays), farm siting, production planning, growing water and product quality monitoring and husbandry protocols such as grading, tumbling, beach hardening, predator protection, and gear fouling management. In addition, system maintenanc is covered, including anchoring, materials use/life cycle, and other Standard Operating Protocols (SOP's)will be reviewed. Algal production of seaweeds and microalgae will be discussed.


  • Admission to the Aquaculture Technician Certificate program.

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