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BIO-113 Introduction to the Marine Environment

3 credits

This "pop sci" blended course introduces students to the physical and biological aspects of the marine environment. Topics will include how the ocean works, a survey of marine biodiversity, fishing and aquaculture, traditional species knowledge, resource management, and an overview of changing ocean climates. Emphasis will be placed on local marine environments and current issues in BC. A diversity of perspectives will be presented throughout the course and will be welcomed from participating students (e.g. Indigenous, International, and Western)


  • C in one of Composition 11, Creative Writing 11, Literary Studies 11, New Media 11, Spoken Language 11, EFP Literary Studies and Writing 11, EFP Literary Studies and New Media 11, EFP Literary Studies and Spoken Language 11, English 11, English First Peoples 11, or ENG 052; or English Assessment. English 12 highly recommended.

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