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BIO-230 Principles of Ecology

3 hours lecture , 3 hours lab, 3 credits

An introduction to the basic principles of ecology. BIO 230 explores the physical components of the environment, adaptations of organisms to the physical environment and how elements of the environment influence the distribution and abundance of organisms. Community structure and dynamics, ecosystem energetics, nutrient cycles, and biological interactions at the population, community, and ecosystem levels are examines. The lab series offers students hands-on opportunities to study natural systems and practice several sampling techniques. The majority of the labs take place in an outdoor setting and may include a 2-day field trip during a weekend.


  • C in BIO 102 & BIO 103; or C in BIO 110 & BIO 111. STA 115 or MAT 115 is strongly recommended
  • Take BIO-230L

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