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BIO-250 Directed Independent Studies in BiologyPLA

3 credits

This course provides the student with an opportunity to carry out independent research under supervision of a Departmental faculty member. The course is designed for students who have completed 1st year Biology. The main content of the study will be the practical aspects of carrying our independent research and may include three or more of the following activities, mutually agreed upon by both student and faculty supervisor: formulate a research question; collect relevant background literature; write a literature review; prepare a grant question; carry out research independently; collate and interpret results; formulate logical and reasonable conclusions regarding the experiment. The student may choose to work on a project or research topic that relates to research currently ongoing at the College.


  • BIO 102 and BIO 103 or BIO 110 and 111; CHE 110 and 111; STA 115 or MAT 115 Minimum Grade C

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