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ENG-052 Advanced English

3 hours lecture or distance, 3 credits

Advanced English is designed to provide students with the skills needed for the reading, writing and critical thinking tasks that are required for college programs and employment. Students will develop their communicative abilities via assignments that promote academic and business reading, writing, and research skills.


  • C+ in one of Composition 10, Creative Writing 10, Literary Studies 10, New Media 10, Spoken Language 10, EFP Writing 10, EFP Literary Studies 10, EFP New Media 10, EFP Spoken Language 10, English 10, or English First Peoples 10; or NIC ENG 032/033/034; or ENG 035; or English Assessment. It is strongly recommended that students consider placement testing if prerequisite courses were completed more than five years ago.

For course schedule information visit our timetable. Note: course registration is open to students accepted into an NIC program. If you have questions, please call 1-800-715-0914.