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ENG-096 First Peoples Literature And Compositio

3 credits

Through the study of oral and written texts by Indigenous authors, First Peoples Literature and Composition develops critical thinking skills, reading skills, speaking skills, and writing skills to prepare students for the demands of either the workplace, college programs, or university-level courses. Students will write several essays, deliver oral presentations, and complete a research essay or assignment at the conclusion of the course. Students will also explore elements of First People history and culture through the readings and assignments in the course. Credit will only be granted for either ENG 096 or ENG 098.


  • C in one of Composition 11, Creative Writing 11, Literary Studies 11, New Media 11, Spoken Language 11, EFP Literary Studies and Writing 11, EFP Literary Studies and New Media 11, EFP Literary Studies and Spoken Language 11, English 11, English First Peoples 11, or ENG 052; or English Assessment. It is strongly recommended that students consider placement testing if prerequisite courses were completed more than five years ago.

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