ESL-055 Advanced Listening & Speaking 2

ESL-055 Advanced Listening & Speaking 2

3 credits

ESL 055 is an advanced speaking and listening course (Canadian Language Benchmark 8) and is intended to complement ESL 052. ESL 055 is intended to further improve students' overall communication skills. Besides increasing their fluency in English, students will develop higher-level listening and communication strategies as well as critical thinking and note-taking skills. Students will learn to comprehend authentic language from a variety of contexts, including short lectures. They will learn effective use of a variety of language structures and will increase their vocabulary skills and use of idiomatic language. Students will be expected to participate in class discussions and give formal oral presentations. They will also improve their pronunciation of the sound, rhythm and stress patterns of English. In addition, students will use basic computer and Internet skills for communication and informal and formal research.


  • Certified CLB 7, or C+ in ESL 054, or Assessment by ESL Department.

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