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ESL-095 Coll/Univ Prep Listening & Speaking

8.5 hours lecture, 1.5 hours lab, 4 credits

This highly interactive listening and speaking course is of interest to students who can already communicate quite comfortably in English but wish to further refine their academic English listening and speaking skills to the level required for entry into further education and training at NIC. One focus is the further development of clear, grammatically accurate and fluent spoken expression for a variety of academic contexts, including group work, class discussions, formal presentations, debates, and role-plays. To this end, points of increasingly complex sentence structure and grammar will be studied, with special emphasis being given to areas of particular difficulty for ESL students at the college-entrance level. In addition, students will further refine their pronunciation by learning and practicing higher-level sound, rhythm and stress patterns of English. The second focus of this course is the further improvement of listening and comprehension skills for a variety of contexts, including longer, more complex academic lectures. Students are encouraged to draw on their personal experience and the information provided through listening materials and/or research to effectively discuss and analyze, at some length, a variety of current and relevant themes. Students will further increase their lexical skills and use/comprehension of idiomatic language in addition to honing academic skills such as note-taking, critical thinking, research, and formal presentation skills.


  • IELTS 5.5 or Assessement by ESL Department or C+ in ESL 065

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