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FAC-070 Skills of Survival - Level 1

6 hours

In this course students are introduced to basic survival theory though lecture, discussion, and demonstrations in the skills of wilderness crafts and tools. Topics include the seven enemies of survival, survival philosophy, theory of survival, and preparation of a First Aid kit to suit personal needs. Food and water requirements, as well as the option of fasting, will be covered. Students will appreciate the need for water and understand the dangers of exposure. They will have opportunity to develop skills such as cordage making, flint and steel fire lighting, construction of a buddy burner and making a willow whistle. Upon completion, students should have a comprehensive understanding of Basic Wilderness Survival Skill concepts, and be ready for advancement to Level 2 (FAC 071). An NIC waiver will be required.


  • At least an 8-hour First Aid course is recommended. FAC 030 or equivalent (other Wilderness courses).

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