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GENI-1525 Mastering Watercolours: Flowing With the Medium!

Once you've finished an introductory course in Watercolours, where do you go next/from here? THIS course! You'll get lots of practice and review in watercolour techniques and when to use them. We'll go In-depth with ideas about how plan your painting, while encouraging the freedom and looseness in your style that watercolours allow for! We will paint watercolours which incorporate new techniques and skills, viewing examples of art that contain the style and watching demonstrations to gain an understanding of the process. Then we will use it in the creation of your own paintings! Watercolour methods we include are the use of transparent and opaque colours, glazing areas, blending of edges, use of textured paper for effect, different brushstrokes, wet in wet techniques, washes, and ink with watercolour, As we progress in the course, you may bring in subject matter of your own choosing and get guidance and pointers to help you in creating your work, including the composition, and planning and choice and mastery of techniques.

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