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HIS-220 War, Memory, Myth and History

3 hours lecture, 3 credits

"Since wars begin in the minds of men," reads the UNESCO charter, "it is in the minds of men that we have to erect the ramparts of peace." This course explores how humans have struggled to understand, memorialize, and learn from war. Although the course uses a comparative thematic approach, there is a heavy emphasis upon twentieth-century wars, since this will both provide focus and allow us to probe the politicized relationship between lived memory and history. "War," notes the journalist Chris Hedges, "is a force that gives us meaning." This course will use monuments, memorials, museums, myths, paintings, photographs, weapons, flags, cartoons, family stories, novels, and movies as sources for thinking about the ways in which war is remembered and defined.


  • C in one of English Studies 12, Provincial English 12, English First Peoples 12, ENG 096, or ENG 098; or C+ in ESL 092 and ESL 095; or English Assessment.

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