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KWA-098 Kwak`wala Intro to U`Mista Orthography

45 hrs lecture, 3 credits

The course will focus on introducing students to the U'mista orthography. Students will develop speaking, listening, reading, writing and editing ability using the orthography to study content relating to contemporary and traditional worldview and activities of daily living. This course is intended to provide students with the ability to read and write Kwak'wala and foster their ability to access written and online resources to support their language acquisition outside of class. The units cover an introduction to the U'mista orthography, history of the development of the orthography, advantages of establishing an orthography, the 46 sounds of Kwak'wala, pronunciation, introduction to transcription, and grammatical structure. During the course, students will participate in online dialogues and be introduced to electronic resources that are advantageous for self-practice.


  • Completion of KWA 096 or KWA 097

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