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MAT-060 Provincial ABE Mathematics

6 hrs lecture or distance or continuous entry; 3 credits

The goals of the Provincial Algebra and Trigonometry are to prepare adult learners with the knowledge and skills in algebra and trigonometry necessary for entry to technical, vocational and career programs that require Math 12 equivalency as a prerequisite and for future study in higher-level math courses at college/university.


  • C+ in one of Priciples of Math 11, Precalculus 11, or MAT 053; or Math assessment. A review of the concepts of algebra (e.g. order of operations, factoring, rational expressions, exponents and equation solving) is strongly recommended before beginning the course.

For course schedule information visit our timetable. Note: course registration is open to students accepted into an NIC program. If you have questions, please call 1-800-715-0914.