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NAU-021 Ship Construction & Stability Level 1

60 hours

This course is designed for Commercial Fishermen seeking Fishing Master Class IV (FMIV) certification and who require preparation for the Ship Construction and Stability Level 1 exam. Upon completion, a student will be able to: describe aspects of ship construction that can ensure the seaworthiness of a Fishing Vessel, identify how fishing operations can compromise the stability of a vessel, know what is Centre of Gravity, Centre of Buoyancy, Metacentre, righting arms, the effect of water density on displacement. Candidates book their final examinations directly with a Transport Canada examination centre. Note: Those needing preparation for all of their core FMIV Transport Canada written exams should take the more comprehensive "Master, Limited/Fishing Master IV" course, which includes: Chartwork and Pilotage Level 1, Navigation Safety Level 1, Ship Construction and Stability Level 1. Additional courses such as Marine Emergency Duties (MED), Restricted Operator Certificate Maritime (ROC-M/MC), Marine First Aid, Simulated Electronic Navigation- Limited (SEN-L) and Oral Examination on General Seamanship- Preparation, are offered separately and not included in this course fee.


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