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NUR-170 Health and Healing Bridge - In

3 credits

This course is an introduction to the meaning of health including personal health, family health, community health and societal health. Participants examine significant theoretical and conceptual frameworks of health including health promotion, primary health care, prevention and determinants of health. Participants have the opportunity to identify personal resources and/ or challenges that impact health as well as recongnize the diversity of beliefs, values and perceptions of health held by family and community health assessment. Participants will have opportunities to explore and critique various theoretical and conceptual frameworks in relation to health assessment including early childhood development, family development, healthy aging and community development. The concept of assessment within the context of decision making is explored.


  • Practical Nursing Diploma or Practical Nursing Certificate and 900 hours of practice within the past five years. Current and active registration as an LPN in British Columbia or the Northwest Territories.
  • Take NUR-173

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