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NUR-410 Health & Wellness in Aboriginal Communities

30 hours seminar + 12 hours online, 3 credits

This course will examine concepts of Aboriginal health and healing using Aboriginal processes and ways of knowing for curriculum construction and delivery. It will include pre and post assignments and 5 consecutive days learning in an Aboriginal Community within the college region. Students will explore the Aboriginal world view of health and wellness and will examine the historical and contemporary significance of health issues for Aboriginal communities through interaction with local elders and community representatives. This course will also examine the nurse's role with individuals, families and communities from social justice and cultural safety perspectives. Participants will have the opportunity to explore their own relational practice through reflection on their own ethnocentricities and personal meanings and through active engagement with Aboriginal community members and processes.


  • Successful completion of Term 6 of the BSN Program or admission to Option B of the BSN Program or 3rd Year standing in the BSN Program with Instructor permission. The course is also open to Registered Nurses who are employed by an Aboriginal Health Authority.

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