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PHY-120 Principles of Physics I

3 hours lecture + 3 hours lab, 3 credits

Principles of Physics I and II are first year university level (calculus based) foundation courses in physics designed as essential prerequisites to further courses in the physical sciences. PHY 120 includes statics, kinematics and dynamics of particles and rigid bodies; conservation of energy and momentum; vibration, waves, and sound; heat and thermodynamics. This course includes extensive laboratory work intended to illustrate theoretical concepts and to develop laboratory skills.


  • C+ in Physics in 12 or PHY 060.
  • C+ in one of Principles of Math 12, Pre-Calculus 12, MAT 060 or MAT 067; or Math assessment.
  • Corequisite: MAT 181 must be taken concurrently, if not already completed.
  • PHY-120L

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